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Cognito iQ Analytics

See all of your field-based technicians, tasks and customers,
all in one place, all of the time.


One system that gives you real-time visibility of your field operation:
Digital transformation, maximum productivity and exceptional customer experience.

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Analytics solutions


Mission Control

Visibility, command, assurance.

Insight Hub

Automated analytics for fast, effective decisions.

Virtual Coach

Improvement made easy with machine learning.


Employee Performance Management.

Mission Control gives you the big picture.

Real time visibility of your field service operation, so you can find and fix performance problems, instantly.
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  • Peace of mind: Your field service metrics are displayed in a single master dashboard, so you can see how well your organisation is performing, immediately.
  • Spot issues, instantly:  KPIs are monitored in real time against your targets. Current status is shown as Red, Amber or Green (RAG) enabling you to alert the relevant operational team to any issues, as soon as they arise.
  • One view of the truth: Using Mission Control, you can align all your teams around a common view of performance. The dashboard shows where issues arise, and who should own the problem, reducing ambiguity and stimulating accountability.
  • Meet business objectives: Mission control highlights exceptions to a range of field-service specific business metrics, such as ‘first-time-fix rate’ or ‘no access to premises’, so you can achieve your targets.
  • Engineer performance: Mission Control brings compliance issues to your attention and enables you to ensure your operational managers focus on consistency, workforce standards, and providing a quality service.
  • Productivity: You will spot issues with productivity, when and where they arise, enabling you to work with managers to ensure that they have the right level of resources to complete tasks within SLAs.
  • Customer satisfaction: With Mission Control, you can see your SLA and NPS performance in real time, so you can direct your operational teams to proactively manage customers’ expectations, and deliver a great service.
  • Regional variations: Using Mission Control you can quickly see geographical discrepancies, and work with regional managers to spread best practices from high performing areas.
  • Real-time alerts: The metrics change colour (RAG status) in real time, to indicate performance levels. Each metric has inbuilt rules or thresholds, which can be tailored to your business.
  • Operational KPIs: The top level dashboard shows KPI performance against the plan, including a live headline which tells you what needs attention in each operational area, so you can manage by exception.
  • Plan dashboard: Plan metrics, such as number of tasks, tasks per hour, open vs. closed tasks and number of engineers on shift, are displayed in a single view, giving you instant visibility of progress against the plan.
  • Customer dashboard: Net Promoter Scores are shown by the hour, and by region, so your managers can address issues directly with customers. The Customer dashboard also shows a breakdown of SLAs by the hour, and by open and closed task.
  • Task dashboard: Task allocation and first-time-fix rates are shown by the hour so you can identify which teams are most productive or need extra support to reach their targets. Other task metrics include further-visit rate and no-access rate.
  • Resource dashboard: This dashboard measures the productivity of the field team, with productive travel included, so your managers can quickly identify and resolve issues.
  • Colour-coded (choropleth) maps: Each dashboard includes a map showing operational issues by geographical distribution, and RAG status, enabling you to speak to the relevant operational mangers to understand the situation on the ground.
  • Works ‘out of the box’: Mission Control is pre-set with the measures that have proved consistently most useful for field service organisations, meaning there is no lengthy consultancy process. However, you can also tailor the metrics and thresholds, so they are a perfect fit for your business.
  • Works with your current systems: Mission Control is compatible with any mobile solution, not just Cognito iQ mobile. You can benefit from real-time visibility of your field service data, whatever system you currently use.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Comprehensive product support from our highly trained, UK based help desk.

Bring your field service data to life.

See how your field service operation is performing, at a glance, so you can make fact-based decisions, in real time, and align your teams around one shared version of the truth.
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  • Consolidated view of KPIs: All of your key field service metrics in a single master dashboard. At a glance, you can see how well your team is performing, and focus your efforts where they are most needed.
  • One version of the truth: With Insight Hub, you can align schedulers, field and operation managers, call centre operatives, account managers and technicians around a common vision. The dashboard shows where issues arise, reducing ambiguity and stimulating accountability.
  • Real-time visibility: Each metric is updated in real time and Insight Hub alerts you as soon as any metric is under performing, so you can take action, fast.
  • Better planning: Visualise and understand any deviance from the plan for the current shift, and analyse the effectiveness of planned work to help planners keep on track.
  • Diagnostic indicators: Once alerted to a problem area, Insight Hub will present you with the most relevant data, showing all related metrics, so you can identify the cause of the problem. It also shows whether problems are isolated or connected.
  • Technician efficiency: Insight Hub can help create a consistent, efficient and effective workforce by monitoring standards, such as starting shifts on time or completing safety checks
  • Customer satisfaction:  Insight Hub helps you stay on the front foot by enabling you to see, in real time, if an SLA is likely to be missed or an engineer is running late, so you can proactively manage customers’ expectations and deliver a great service.
  • Longer-term improvements: As well as the day-to-day, Insight Hub can also help you spot how to improve for the longer term, by understanding which processes and tasks can be refined, and identifying the root cause of problems. For example, tasks that regularly overrun may be a result of poor scheduling, as opposed to employee performance.
  • Change management: Insight Hub will grow with you. As you improve your service operation, your key metrics or thresholds are likely to change. You can easily alter the focus of Insight Hub to reflect your new business priorities. Driving change is simple with Insight Hub, as all users have the same new view of metrics and performance.
  • Designed specifically for field service organisations: With 25 years’ experience in field service, we’ve done the thinking for you. Unlike generalist BI toolkits, Insight Hub contains key metrics and analysis modes designed the particular challenges faced by companies with remote workers.
  • See under the surface of the data: Insight Hub shows you more than just average performance figures, which can normalise the data, and disguise the extremes. You don’t need analytical skills to see below the surface and tease out the meaning in the data; middle managers can benchmark and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Real-time alerts: The metrics are presented as individual tiles that change colour to indicate the performance levels: Amber is a warning and red means something is out of kilter and requires attention.
  • Thresholds: Each metric has inbuilt rules or thresholds, which can be tailored to your business.
  • Detailed dashboards: At the top level, Insight Hub provides the narrative for the day. Clicking on any of the metrics takes you to the detailed dashboards that provide the context, with data and graphs to help you understand the situation.
  • Rewind button: Go back in time to this morning, yesterday or another specific day in the past, and see how it unfolded, so you never have to make the same mistakes again.
  • See all tasks and technicians in real time: The dashboards show you which technicians are available to take on new work, those who haven’t started shift yet and those that have been inactive for ten minutes or more.
  • Works ‘out of the box’: Already configured to enable you to understand all of the problem spaces that are commonly found in field service organisations, there is no lengthy consultancy process – you can implement Insight Hub on day one.
  • Integration: Seamless Integration using standard APIs. Quick to deploy, highly configurable and compatible with 3rd party software such as Mobile Workforce Management, CRM and Back Office Systems.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Comprehensive product support from our highly trained, UK based help desk.

Solve problems you didn’t know you had.

Many field service companies have too much data, and not enough insight. Data analytics is hard, and computers are better at it than humans. With Virtual Coach, you can exploit machine learning technology to conduct advanced analysis and uncover hidden improvement opportunities.
  • Identifies problems – and proposes solutions: Identifies the source and the size of the problem, from large company-wide issues, to problems down to an individual team, region or technician.
  • Makes your business case for you: Virtual Coach works out the steps necessary to solve the problem, and models the costs, and the impact of a positive outcome, to help you make your case for action.
  • Data visualisations: Virtual Coach presents data in easy to understand, visually stimulating ways. You can cut the data how you like, by team, region, task or individual, and easily clean data by removing outliers.
  • Initiative priorities: The insights derived are displayed in order of benefit to the company, whether in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction or other improvement.
  • Detailed evidence: The data that led to the initiatives suggested by Virtual Coach can be viewed at a top level, or you can drill down into the detail, for full confidence in the initiatives suggested.
  • Works with Initiative Manager: Initiative Manager will track progress of Virtual Coach improvement initiatives, and report on the outcome.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Comprehensive product support from our highly trained, UK based help desk.

With EPM, you can measure, motivate and monitor your team of technicians, so they can provide exceptional field service.

EPM gives you a comprehensive set of maps and dashboards, so you can visualise your employee analytics at a glance. Based on a set of six powerful KPAs for a complete view of employee performance, EPM enables you to review individual employees’ work over time, benchmark performance, share best practice and identify training needs as well as candidates for reward and promotion.
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  • Improved employee performance: EPM enables you to take a continuous improvement approach to managing your greatest asset – your employees. You can analyse performance across time, by team, region or individual, and by the metrics that are important to you, to see what drives great performance, where the issues are, and what to do to improve.
  • Balance view of performance: Our six Key Performance Areas (KPAs) are designed based on our 30 years’ experience in field service, and give a rounded view of what it takes to deliver exceptional field service.
  • Healthy competition: You can view performance by team or by region, so you can engender a culture of healthy competition by, for example, giving a prize for the highest performing team each month.
  • Objective, consistent view of performance: EPM shows each task your employees undertake, linked to the time and location of the task, meaning there is no room for misinterpretation. It’s clear to you and your technician exactly what happened, where and when.
  • Benchmarking: Compare performance down to the level of the individual worker to highlight problem areas, identify training needs, highlight best practice and reward top performers.
  • Increased compliance: You can track how employees are behaving and identify issues such as incorrect logging of tasks, or failure to comply with health and safety requirements. This enables you to correct errors, or provide training where needed.
  • Six KPAs, designed especially for field service:
    - Productivity: Time spent on activities that directly deliver service to customers.
    - Utilisation: The proportion of the planned duration of a shift that is productive (this can include productive travel time).
    - Efficiency: The average time over the shift spent travelling to tasks and working on tasks, compared to the expected average time. Also includes the number of tasks completed per shift hour (known as the velocity).
    - Effectiveness: Measures the technician on their ‘first time fix’ rate, service level attainment and net promoter score to show how well the intended result has been achieved.
    - Compliance: Measures how well the worker’s behaviour has complied with the plan. How soon after they started a shift, did they actually start a task? How long after the last task completed, did they end the shift? Was the shift duration as expected?
    - Consistency: Compares the time spent on activities directly related to each task, including the task itself, establishing how consistently positive behaviours continue over time.
  • Technician’s scorecard: The Scorecard shows a balanced performance score for an individual worker’s completed shift, aggregated from the six KPAs. Each KPA score is derived from a weighted calculation that aggregates a range of measures: attainment against defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), geolocation information and actual shift timings. The Scorecard also shows an interactive map and shift timeline, which visualises the time and location of each activity. This communicates clearly what happened, where and when, and leaves little room for misinterpretation.
  • League table: The League Table ranks the workforce based on the performance score achieved. You can look at scores for the entire workforce, or isolate particular regions or teams. The heat-map makes it easy to identify the best workers across all dimensions of performance. The bar chart shows how performance is distributed across the six KPAs. You can also compare performance across various time periods to see the effect of the changes.
  • Shift map: You can see all the activities associated with a particular worker’s shift - or multiple shifts - displayed on a map. This shows whether activities happened in the right location. If you identify a problem, this data can be used to understand more about what happened.
  • Electronic timesheet: Generates an electronic timesheet for each mobile worker based on data captured from their mobile device. Can also be accessed by other departments such as finance and HR, and linked to back-office systems.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Our highly trained team of Cognito iQ support engineers are here to provide excellent technical support.

Introducing Insight Hub

Our most advanced field service decision support tool.
Empowers real time decision making, based on facts. 


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