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A new era of Field Service

Posted by Gemma Roshier on April 28, 2021

As the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK start to lift, we have been reflecting on the last year and the impact on the businesses in the field service sector. Rather than remembering the difficulties and stresses (of which there have been many) it feels appropriate, in a spirit of positivity brought on by rising vaccination rates and falling R values, to celebrate the achievements of field service companies, their versatility and determination, and their ability to adapt and even thrive in unusually tough times.

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The art of employee satisfaction and how you can achieve it

Posted by Angela Crittenden on February 5, 2021

This year may have only just started, but it already feels like the year we start leaving things behind. The European Union, Trump, the waistline; all done with (at the time of writing at least). So, when 2020 was the year some of my colleagues reached the milestone of 10, 15 or even 20 years’ service, I began to wonder what has made them stay at the same company, for such a huge part of their careers.

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Why being customer centric matters and how it will improve your business performance

Posted by Angela Crittenden on January 5, 2021

When the postman knocked on my door and handed me my parcel containing a framed print, I felt that little jolt of joy a new delivery brings and also knew I’d earned extra brownie points by shopping with an independent retailer. When he told me that unfortunately it had been damaged, I felt my little shard of joy fracture like the glass inside the box.

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Mobile workforce management: analytics - the next big thing?

Posted by Angela Crittenden on February 17, 2020

These days, most businesses with field-based workers have adopted some form of mobile workforce management software. Customers’ expectations of service are very high, and employees expect the latest tools to help them do their jobs.

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Why mobile workforce management is failing in the IT Services sector

Posted by Angela Crittenden on January 24, 2020

Many implementations of mobile workforce management in IT services tend to have been carried out without regard of the unique needs in the IT services business model. Some of the challenges in managing a mobile workforce are common across all industries, such as visibility of the workforce, managing exceptions in real time, and motivating and engaging distributed employees. But the IT services industry has its own set of issues that impact on its mobile workforce.

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