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Engineering Excellence: How technology and the engineer make for excellent customer service

In late 2011 we shared some engineer horror stories that we’d heard from our years in the service industry but that’s not the end of the tale, there can be a happy ending. We’d like start 2012 off on the right foot by identifying the engineers who, coupled with the right management and technology, achieve service excellence.


See our top five examples below:

1. The equipped engineer is supported by integrated dynamic scheduling technology enabling them to be in the right place with the right skills and parts to improve first time fix rates.

2. The responsive engineer has the ability to send customers up-to-the-minute-updates related to appointment times or anticipated delays, as well as receive and respond to updates from the office.

3. The engaged engineer is recognised for their efforts through performance management technology, which monitors and ranks performance according to various attributes including customer feedback and cost to serve.

4. The visible engineer has vehicle tracking/GPS technology which enables them to get to customers quickly and efficiently.

5. The connected engineer uses real-time connectivity to accept urgent job requests and book future appointments on-site. Combining this with dynamic scheduling enables automatic escalation or re-assignment of affected jobs to maintain the quality of the customer experience.

We’ve heard first hand from our customers how these engineers can contribute to an organisation’s brand, efficiency and ultimately, even its share price. Below are just some examples of how the right engineer with the right technology makes all the difference:

  • £2 million saving in operating costs per year
  • 96-98% first time fix rate
  • 92% good or excellent customer service rating
  • 25% reduction in invoicing queries
  • Stock in cars reduced by 25%
  • £1m from additional sales revenue
  • Engineer productivity increased by 22%
  • £2 million saved in stock costs
  • Stock take reduced from 660 hours to 100 hours
  • 50% reduction in customer complaints

For more specific examples take a look at our case studies.

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