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5 ways to provide service excellence

Over the past few months we’ve been helping organisations to recognise the value of good customer service and the impact poor service can have on revenue and profit. Identifying the need for improved customer service is the first step to providing service excellence, the second is taking action to implement the change.


Looking at the way our customers deliver award winning customer service, we have compiled the below list of ways organisations can improve their current levels of customer service and satisfaction.

1. Listen to customers, it sounds like an obvious point but can often be overlooked. Reviewing current levels of service with customers and discussing changes and improvements will demonstrate a commitment to service excellence. In addition, it will help identify what areas need to be addressed and provides a useful benchmark to measure success against.

2. Look to recruit, train and develop the right people to deliver service excellence. Remember, an organisation’s frontline employees are brand ambassadors and will be the ones in direct contact with the customer. Making sure all employees portray the organisation’s values and provide the best possible service is essential.

3. If the right people are in place, the next step is to equip them with the right tools for the job. This can be tools in the mechanistic sense but also tools that help individuals work in a nimble, responsive and efficient way, e.g. dynamic scheduling, workflow visibility and real-time communication updates.

4. Monitor, evaluate and listen to events in real-time for both the organisation and customers. This will enable the organisation to respond quickly to events in the ever changing service environment, rapidly address any customer issues, as well as adapt the long-term service approach to meet the evolving needs of the customer.

5. To drive improvements, align employees and their performance to internal and customer focused objectives. Using employee performance management systems that automatically collect and report performance will allow service managers to quickly and continuously score individuals against objectives and realign or reward accordingly.

We believe these five steps will help organisations in their quest to provide award winning customer service.

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