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Why a double-dip recession needn’t mean a compromise on service levels

At the beginning of the year we predicted that the UK would be pulled back into recession, albeit not as deep. Unfortunately, following the recent announcement from The Office for National Statistics, that prediction has become a reality and the UK has officially returned to recession. With that in mind, we look at how organisations can use technology to deliver service excellence against a challenging economic backdrop.


The value that organisations put on great service is never more important than when its customers are feeling the pinch and are evaluating the service they receive versus spend. This challenges organisations and service departments to provide a level of service that customers value, whilst managing their internal budget constraints.

Realising the value of a satisfied customer base will give organisations the impetus to prioritise delivering great service to new and existing customers. Our financial modelling tool, the Value of Service Calculator, enables service managers to put some hard numbers against the value of service and understand the impact poor service has on revenue and profit.

Technology can also help organisations reduce the costs of delivering great service by eliminating wasted efforts and optimising available resources, ensuring service quality whilst positioning it for growth when the market picks up. For example, a workforce management solution that provides real-time scheduling, resource allocation and location information, can enable field workers to excel in service delivery by eliminating unproductive visits, reducing travel time and fuel costs, and increasing first time fix rates.


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