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Industry figureheads predict the future of service

Our impending 20th anniversary celebrations have put us in a reflective mood, thinking about the technological and social innovations that have been introduced and their impact on service. For example, who knew 20 years ago that we would now be voicing our customer service views (good and bad) on social networks like Twitter and Facebook?


Whilst reflecting on the improvements to service over the past 20 years and the feedback we have gathered from consumers and businesses in our Annual Nationwide Service Report (ANSR), we have considered what the future of service will hold. By collating the views of industry figureheads including Saul Sherry - Service Management, Sumair Dutta – Aberdeen Group and Anne Lennox-Martin – BIFM Trainer we can now provide organisation’s with some insight into where service is headed in the future.

As you would expect in this fast pace of change world we live in, many predictions referenced technological advances that will allow organisations to work smarter, including;

  • M2M communications enabling remote diagnostics of faults
  • The integration of social and mobile channels, increasing the availability of service information
  • Kinetic charging of mobile devices

In addition, the practices and processes used to deliver and measure service, or at least they will have to in order to provide service excellence;

  • Organisations will be more predictive and customer oriented, as opposed to reactive and operations-oriented, in their customer engagement strategies
  • Insight gained by the ability to drill down into collected data will allow organisations to identify the cause and effect of good service
  • Learning from the success of London 2012 there will be a more personal approach to service delivery
  • KPIs and SLAs will become obsolete with relationships taking their place

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contributed so far and further invite your predictions on what the future of service will hold.

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