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5 ways to keep your mobile workforce mobile in the snow

With a reduced workforce, and those in the field facing challenging conditions, it’s important to keep your field workers safe whilst trying to service customers’ needs and expectations.


The disruption caused by extreme weather can only be mitigated to a certain point, and of course preparation is key. However, if today’s snowy conditions are impacting your ability to maintain levels of service, you may find the below five points of use.

1. Consider how you might keep customers informed with up-to-the-minute updates on any resulting delays associated with congestion or shortfalls in resourcing. Differentiation through proactive communications will serve to reinforce service excellence as a key brand value

2. In the event that the pre-scheduled engineer is stuck, running late or facing road closures, having real-time geo-location information fed into a dynamic scheduler system helps to redeploy or reallocate resource at short notice

3. Think about rewarding staff that display a ‘business as usual’ approach and maintain excellent levels of service. Identify these workers through a message audit trail to verify that jobs have been received and acted upon. Receiving sender notifications of the message status e.g. arrived and viewed, will allow dedication and hard work during this period to be acknowledged

4. Another consideration during this period of disruption is that some teams will be working with reduced resources, increasing the likelihood of lone workers. Think about how you will keep these field workers safe if they become stranded or find themselves in a situation needing help - a PDA or specialised device with a panic button or personal security assistance will be beneficial

5. Additional equipment. Whilst most field workers will be used to checking for equipment and stock needed to complete their scheduled jobs, they might not consider the equipment needed in the event of extreme weather conditions. Circulate The AA’s winter emergency check list to your teams so that they are prepared should they breakdown or face road closures.

During these periods of exceptional weather customers will understand that there is likely to be some disruption. Keeping them well informed on any changes and adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach will set you aside from competitors and build brand loyalty.

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