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5 things to make you fall in love with your mobile workforce management solution

Customers often tell us that a good workforce management solution has the ability to impact the heart of their organisation, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only does it provide the ability to offer customers excellent levels of service but it enables service directors to put a cost on poor service and correlate this with the impact it has on revenue and profit.


So, if you’re not yet ‘feeling the love’ of a mobile workforce management solution, see our top five St. Valentines inspired tips for when you’re looking for ‘the one’.

1. First impressions count – an automated system that continuously optimises and can monitor and maintain such things as stock levels to increase first time fix rates helps to make a great first impression.

2. It will never let you down – even without an internet connection a workforce management solution has the ability to maintain offline working and should allow for communications via both mobile networks and Wi-Fi.

3. Always there when you call – in the event that the pre-scheduled engineer is stuck in traffic, running late or has over run on their previous job, having real-time geo-location information fed into a dynamic scheduler system helps to redeploy or reallocate resource at short notice.

4. Treat yourself to something special – the ability to provide excellent levels of service can reduce the amount of customer churn, increase customer referrals and provide the opportunity to charge a premium for superior service.

5. Happy ever after – customer feedback can be retrieved in real-time so service experiences can be monitored as they happen and any issues can be resolved before escalating into serious problems.

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