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Less sickness, more foresight: how visibility and engagement are key to keeping UK service levels high

A recent survey of 200 UK organisations has revealed that sickness and absence is still the major issue affecting service delivery and the customer experience.


We commissioned Redshift Research to survey 200 business managers responsible for mobile workers, to examine the key hurdles to service excellence.

Sickness ranked as the most common problem affecting service delivery (39%), followed by traffic congestion (37%) and unavailability of staff (36%).

24 per cent of organisations reported that absenteeism has a large impact on their operations. In fact, all organisations, regardless of the size, found both sickness and absenteeism to be an issue.

The research also pointed out that nine per cent of organisations reported having no visibility of customer service delivery. 37 per cent of organisations cited customer interaction and satisfaction as areas where they would like more visibility.

With the bigger picture in mind, what the research tells us is that there is an ongoing cause and effect cycle, whereby organisations are unable to predict or manage some of these problems. A lack of full visibility of where the gaps and detail lie could mean that companies fail to fully interact and engage with staff in order to improve their day to day working lives and processes. This lack of engagement with the workforce inevitably has an impact on customer delivery, and the cycle is inadequately backed up by the necessary management information, to proactively manage these issues into decline.

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