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Traditional timesheets aren’t worth the paper they are printed on

Printed timesheets and job forms are at the heart of many traditional field service environments. Because they are typically seen as an administrative intrusion into the worker’s day, they are often completed after the event - in the evening, or at the end of the working week.






It’s no wonder that much of the information is incomplete, inaccurate and untimely. These factors have often been used to help justify the implementation of a mobile workforce management solution that uses electronic forms on a handheld device. But if they are to realise their full potential, software solutions must do much more than simply emulate the previous paper forms.

 Automatically integrating time and location-based information into the mobile application can certainly help the situation, but it’s not enough. If field service organisations are to fully realise the potential of a mobile workforce management solution, they need to capture much more than the traditional task-based information, and focus as well on the activities and behaviours that are expected of their workforce.

Why is this important? In a world where when it comes to service, your people are the product, the way in which your engineers deal with their tasks is every bit as important as the fact that the job has been completed.

This requires a very different approach to managing mobile workflows - something we refer to as Activity-Based Workflow. This radical new innovation helps field service leaders to see what’s really happening at the frontlines of their business at all times, and to engage their work forces in productive behaviours that drive customer satisfaction.

We recently launched a new video that shows activity-based workflow in action - and illustrates the distinctive advantages over traditional task-based timesheets and job forms. You can watch it here. Let us know what you think.

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