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Q: What works even after it’s fired? A: a neuron!

Do you ever think about your central and peripheral nervous systems? That is, the combination of neurons, axons, fibres and synapses that coordinate “the voluntary and involuntary actions … and transmit signals between different parts of its body”.

Mobile workforce management; intelligent mobile workforce management; nervous system

That part of our bodies which receives environmental and situational stimuli, analyses the messages and responds. Directing actions in space and over time. Without it, we could not function. And, if it is not working well, then we cannot work well either.

Stop and consider that for a moment. Does the combination of dispersed and moving resources, connected together and acting in response to messages sent via communication channels remind you of anything? Your own service organisation? No, not immediately?

Well, it should – there are many parallels; in terms of structures and of functions. Both sense and respond, analysing data and making sets of interlocking decisions using various levels of autonomous and coordinated “next best actions” to deliver. Both monitor outcomes and modify behaviours in order to succeed. Both are vital to survival.

Our nervous systems have evolved over millions of years to be highly advanced and well adapted to our world. I am guessing that your stakeholders are not prepared to wait that length of time for you to deliver success - results like higher revenues, reduced costs, happy employees and increased customer satisfaction.

Well, while you have been focused on delivering to those customers, we have been working on the design and building of a digital nervous system for service operations - to save you having to wait for natural selection and evolution to deliver. Nobody likes to wait thousands of years for a delivery!

We call it Fieldforce iQ, our platform for intelligent mobile workforce management. It is based on new ideas about understanding and improving the performance of your ‘brand ambassadors’ - the engineers, technicians and couriers on the front lines of your business.

Plus, it’s available for immediate delivery. Get in touch, your nervous system will thank you!

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