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Welcome to Wayne’s world

Being visible at work motivates all of us to behave positively. You want to get noticed for going the extra mile and to be recognised for the fantastic worker you are. Of course we all like to go home early sometimes, but you understand that you’re paid for your time and work willingly until the end of the day/shift.


With customer expectations at an all-time high and a squeeze on budgets, there is a growing pressure on Service Managers to not only know where their Field Workers are, but also what they are doing… at all times. Plus, find the hidden potential for current and future revenue that arises from poor or inattentive service; and to harness hidden talent in the mobile workforce.

It’s 12.45pm on a Monday. Mr Taylor had been advised that an engineer will be with him this morning. He’s taken the time off work to be there. He is not a happy man and he’s letting your customer service department know about it! Your systems are telling you Wayne finished his previous job a while ago, but he doesn’t appear to have arrived at Mr Taylor’s yet.

Wayne, one of your regional engineers, is a valued staff member with 15 years’ experience behind him. He always gets his scheduled jobs done, in his own sweet way. Today he needs to pop in to his mother during his lunch break and pick up some groceries for her. It’s not going to be a problem because he knows he can finish his assigned jobs. Mr Taylor will moan about waiting in, but he’ll be relieved to get things fixed and besides, a good dose of Wayne charm always does the trick!

The end of Wayne’s world as he knows it?

There was a time when simply getting the job done was good enough for everyone…but not anymore.

If only you could see Wayne’s actions throughout his day, drive the right customer-centred behaviours and, as a result, delight them with great service – every time. What if you could identify and reward good practice? Could you eliminate the need for a frustrated Mr Taylor to shout at your Customer Service team? If so, he will be happy to buy from you again and recommend you to his friends.

It’s all possible with intelligent mobile workforce management tools. Take 3 minutes to watch this video and see how we do it.

Do you have any Waynes in your teams? How do you manage these workers? Please let us know in your comments below.

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