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Sustainable peak performance – explained and explored

Do you long to unveil a secret, to see behind the mask? Me too!

Sustainable peak performance – explained and explored

A couple of weeks ago, we published a guest posting as a prologue to a series about “sustainable peak performance”. If you cannot recall the heartfelt comments of the author – who we called Mr Anonymous* to protect his career - then you can find it here.

Let’s talk about sustainable peak performance and what that means in the context of intelligent mobile workforce management, to introduce you properly to this topic and what we are planning over this series of posts.

What is sustainable peak performance?

It is about joining two recognisable and important concepts together. Achieving your best possible customer service performance is one thing - and hard enough. Being able to attain that peak repeatedly and consistently is a whole new level of challenge, and one that few attain.

“You on a good day, every day” is a phrase you may have heard before. But, can you recall the context? Actually, it has been used a number of times; perhaps most famously by Olay for skin care products. Notwithstanding that association, the message resonates with many in customer service. No two days are ever the same, and there is often a massive difference between the good and the bad ones. Every morning, we hope today will be a ‘good’ one – and all too often we are disappointed.

So, the challenge is to understand the drivers of performance, to learn how to identify the levers that can drive up performance and equally those technologies, processes and behaviours that can, and do, derail even the best-laid plans. All the while, remembering that many factors in field-based service delivery are outside of your control, for example the weather or traffic conditions.

Making smart decisions is fundamentally dependent on getting the right data – all of the right data. Many Service Delivery Managers are effectively ‘blind’ to much of what goes on in the field, relying on trust and staff goodwill to achieve results from sub-optimal processes and inferior tools. They cannot see the hidden potential, the wastage of resource that is destroying productivity and effectiveness. Truly, the devil is in the detail.

The road less travelled

Here at Cognito, we understand that it is impossible to get from today’s muddle to sustainable peak performance in one step. It is a hard road to take but the rewards can be immense – the view is great form up there! We will explore it in the steps suggested by Mr A, with a separate upcoming post to be dedicated to each step:

1) Mobilise core processes and connect the office more effectively with the mobile workforce, and exchanging enriched, context-aware data;

2) Define and implement a performance management framework to measure and analyse the ‘big data’ that you now have to hand. This fresh understanding will drive better decisions and action plans to improve individual and team performance, plus deliver better profitability;

3) Centralise and automate repetitive processes and decisions. Free up time for your staff to focus on higher-value tasks and truly manage by exception.

And finally, we will add one more post that talks about the wider idea of sustainability and how service organisations can contribute to the emerging concept of the circular economy, and the elimination of waste.

If you cannot wait for these secrets to be unveiled, then start right here and right now.


* The original post caused a quite a bit of speculation as to the identity of Mr A. Some even suggesting it referred to Steve Alderson, our Managing Director. Well, I can assure you it is certainly not him, although we cannot reveal the true identity; we take privacy very seriously, including that of guest bloggers requesting anonymity!

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