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Dawn of the Service Realisation

“Best-in-class organisations are 83% more likely than all others to align service agent compensation and incentives with service operation metrics” - just one of the findings to come from the latest report by the Aberdeen group ‘State of Service Management Roadmap for a Profitable 2014’.

Dawn of the Service Realisation

The report, published in March, highlights the key trends in regard to service excellence, and looks at how top performing organisations deliver better profitability.


After the uncertainty and turmoil of recent years, the report shows that those organisations that chose to invest in customers and service operations have once again begun to grow, and in some cases even flourish. High levels of customer satisfaction are to thank for rises in both service revenues and overall company revenues. Predictably, the organisations that failed to please their customers saw a continued decline in revenues.

It’s this investment in service differentiation that is the key to growth and it begins with the realisation that in today’s market, service is strategic. In a world where product differentiation is becoming increasingly hard to achieve, organisations that focus on the quality of the customer experience already have one of the key factors that can set them apart.

And so the dawn of the ‘service first’ culture is truly upon us, but without the correct measures in place to drive the desired behaviours, it is extremely difficult to reward the right outcomes. Aligning operational metrics and field worker incentives ensure such behaviours are encouraged - something Cognito have focused strongly on with Fieldforce iQ, our intelligent mobile workforce management platform. Making it simple for managers to see clearly the ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ of their service workforce, they can now, more than ever, truly influence the quality of the customer service experience.

To see a copy of the original report, you can download it here (you’ll have to register but it’s free).

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