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“I can see clearly now the rain has gone…”

It’s the start of another week, the weather’s miserable, and everyone’s got the Monday blues. I’m in the never-ending queue for a pick-me-up coffee at my local café, Johnny Nash singing away in the background, when a nearby conversation grabs my attention…

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

“Right, as you know Jack, we’ve been trialling a new mobile workforce management system.”


“I’ve noticed that your team are not performing as well as they could be.”

Response from Grumbly McGrumble: “yeah?”


“Yeah... The worker scorecards for each of your team members is 10 points below the company average.”

“No disrespect but that system isn’t really working out for my team. The way we worked before is how we’ve done it for years - it’s what my team is used to and to be honest I agree with them when they say it’s too ‘big brother’.”

“Ok, Jack, look, I’m not trying to pick holes here, but every department in the company has to save money somewhere. Rather than staff cuts I’m trying to get my teams to be more productive. When I compare your team to Stan’s and see that his guys are doing one more job a day than your guys, it’s not something I can ignore.”

“Boss, Stan’s team get all the easy jobs, so they’re bound to have time to fit others in.”

“Jack, I’ve seen the data for your team - in some instances up to 35% of their day was being wasted - idle time, and doing what?”

“Sometimes the traffic is really bad around our patch, and I know that at one of the regular job sites it takes a good 20 minutes to sign in.”

“That’s all stuff that I can see Jack - the system tells me when your guys are signing in to a site, at least it should do if they’re using it right, and why wouldn’t they? It’s for their own benefit! And as for the traffic, well I know that’s not true as one of Paul’s lads was in the same area on the same day and it took him no time at all.”


I’m finally approaching the front of the queue, parched as anything, trying not to make it too obvious that I’m straining to hear how this disagreement concludes…

McGrumble grumbles.

“Like I said before Jack, I’m just making you aware of the situation - with the new system in place, the service managers can see exactly how much or how little effort your guys are putting in. It’s an opportunity for your team to shine, and get recognised for doing a great job. At the same time, you get credit for leading them, I get acknowledgement for overseeing it all, the company makes more money and the customers get better service - win win win.”

“… Yeah alright… When you put it like that… I’ll have a chat with the guys tomorrow.”

I’m handed my coffee (at last) and follow the tag team outside. As we go our separate ways, the dark clouds begin to part and suddenly everything is a little clearer.

To find out how Stan ensures every day is a ‘sun-shiny day’ for his team, have a read of our 7 secrets briefing.

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