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So what if my performance score is 72?

Which of the following statements is true?

So what?

“Good news - your Performance Score is 72” or “bad news - your Performance Score is 72”.

Either, neither, or both might be true, in different circumstances. Hearing the score on its own does not give you enough information to form an opinion. Knowing how it is different from yesterday or last week might help make sense of it. Alternatively how it compares to other members of your team, or other teams might give you a clue.

Even with that additional information, you might still have very different reactions. Some people will say “so what?” to the news that their score is better, or worse, this week than last. Whereas others will want to know “why did this happen?”

If you are the manager of the team, then you will definitely want to know why, to understand any changes and the reasons behind them. If it is an improvement, then how can you replicate that to other people and raise the overall and average performance? If it is a reduction in performance, then even more reason to focus on it and understand what could have gone better.

Most importantly, what is the impact on the customer?

Lots of questions, all firing from that single number - the overall Performance Score - and the singular quest to continuously improve.

You need access to the data in order to find the answers. And you need it in a timely way, when the data is still valid and the work fresh in people’s memories so that all the circumstances can be explored. Also, it has to reflect the real-world complexities inherent in mobile service. Your investigations may start with a single number, but it has to be supported with a comprehensive set of underlying measures and Key Performance Indicators.

Plus, of course, you need it to be presented in a usable form – one that you can interact with quickly, to follow your intuition and track down the wasted opportunities to deliver service brilliantly; those moments in the day when time was lost, or the wrong decisions made.

Just having a single score is not a complete answer in itself. It is a critical indicator, and can be quickly communicated and compared. But, it needs to be supported with the right data. Which means enriched data that is both location and context aware, and granular enough to allow detailed analysis. The kind of data that comes as a by-product of the mobile worker simply doing their job with an application like SmartWorker, that augments the value without imposing additional workload on the worker. Then it needs to be aggregated and analysed to give you the kind of actionable insights that can support better decision-making and deliver improved results – for you and your customers.

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