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The secret formula of service success

Reliable. Trustworthy. Brilliant.

The secret formula of service success

“It’s all part of the service” or at least it should be… Waiting for the bus that’s delayed (again). Receiving a ‘we’re sorry we lost your data’ email (again). Being dealt with by an uninterested and indifferent employee (again and again and again).

 Everyday life is full of niggly little disappointments, but we all know at least one company that never disappoints - that always delivers, always pleases and that you’d always be willing to recommend and return to.

But the key to that service success is no longer a secret. In recent years more than ever, it’s been widely recognised that companies don’t give great service, people do. No matter what technology is employed, at the end of the day it all comes down to the worker.

Technology is of course still a very important aspect. Various tech-oriented services are offered by many different kinds of companies these days. But if the person using that piece of tech is rude or disinterested, then it counts for nothing.

So how do we ensure our workforces are filled with enthusiastic workers, keen to go out of their way to help their customers? It’s not that they don’t care a lot of the time, it’s just that, well, time is money. At least traditionally it was…

Now, with the realisation that service is king, in many service organisations the focus has shifted from traditional task-based workforce solutions to worker-centric solutions - engaging employees through equipping, motivating and incentivising on an individual basis. This brings not only a benefit to the worker (the desired behaviours can be encouraged, recognised, and rewarded) but also to the organisation (an increase in productivity and improved service is likely to bring in more revenue).

“How?” I hear you ask. Well this is where we go back to the point about the importance of technology. Besides the ‘practical’ things like being able to offer a valuable service such as real-time tracking, technology allows Service Managers to be equipped with the tools they need to help understand exactly what’s happening during their worker’s days.

With this knowledge, teams and individual team members can be compared and both best and worst performers can be recognised easily. With the vast array of data collected, areas for improvement can be identified, and any anomalies explained. Incentives can then be individually targeted and rewards fairly given.

So there it is, the ‘secret formula’ of service success is in fact very simple - people rely on people. People trust people. People are the difference that will take your service from good to brilliant.

To start you on your journey of worker-centric service excellence, we recommend having a read of our ‘Engage your Employees’ page, and for the technology that will help enable you to engage your employees, check out the information on our pioneering Fieldforce iQ product.

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