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Customers expect more – can you deliver?

“Customers expect more from us”. You’ve heard that one before, for sure! It is not news to you, it is a truth that you live with every day. What it is, is the convergence of two trends.

Customers expect more – can you deliver?

Firstly, having access to the Internet everywhere and every when has fed a cycle of wanting everything quicker. Delivery in a week is no longer acceptable, not even a few days – we want it now, now, now. That means new demands on the accuracy and sophistication of logistics and delivery services, with shorter time horizons and tighter delivery slots.

Secondly, equipment has become much, much more reliable aurins manufacturing quality has improved dramatically. Revolutionised by management techniques such as Total Quality Management, Lean and Six Sigma.

As consumers, we have become impatient with failure and no longer accept it as part of equipment ownership. It no longer happens as frequently and, when it does, the impact is perceived as greater as we have come to rely on it – whatever it is – being available whenever we want to use it.

Which puts more strain on after-sales service, both to deliver faster and at higher quality. First-time Fix rates have never had such prominence for service organisations.

Can you deliver?

Do you have the infrastructure in place to know what is going on, in real-time, all of the time? Without it you cannot hope to match customer’s expectations today, never mind what they might be demanding tomorrow.

It is no longer acceptable to have wasted time and wasted talent out in the field. You need to have both the situational intelligence of what is happening now – so that you can make tactical decisions – and the analytical tools to assess the 'big picture' and drive strategic improvements.

Here at Cognito we match our Activity Based Workflow thinking with our SmartWorker mobile application and powerful Employee Performance Management decision-support tools to give you a fighting chance. You can now change the response from “the customer wants what now?” to “yes, of course we can!”

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