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Give bad service the red card

A performance crisis is never a good thing, whether it be your national football team or your mobile workforce. Both have one thing in common - they’re out to beat the competition.

Give bad service the red card

So, what’s the strategy? Well, just like in football, you have to be quicker, more accurate, and more consistent.

Time for kick-off.

Football teams adopt a formation dependent on the players available to them, taking their strengths and weaknesses into account. Plus, the manager will choose a strategy to deliver the all-important result - a win. Allocating your field force in a similar way - that best reflects the workforce’s capabilities - ensures you will always be on target to meet your customer’s expectations and management’s need to make the most effective use of their available human resources.

Pass the ball!

Dynamic Resource Scheduling optimises available resources. Real-time allocation of resources in response to new events or changes in priority effectively ‘passes the ball’ to a more suitable or readily-available team member in order to better serve your customer.

Make a save!

During a match, football managers have a constant view of what is going on in the field, and field service should be no different. Real-Time Activity Reports provide managers with a continuously updated, clear and accurate picture of what each worker has done and is doing, including integrated location information. If a crisis should arise, you will know exactly how to make that save and implement the next calculated move.

It’s a goal!

Now you have all the information required to improve your team members performance day by day, and with that, bring better service to your customers, all that’s left is to get out there and show the opposition how it’s done. Let’s hope England are in as good a position as we are in the field!

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