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Emerging technology to transform the workplace forever

This article on ZDNet claims that recent breakthrough technologies, such as smart devices and SaaS are ‘nothing compared to what’s coming’.

Emerging technology to transform the workplace forever

Cognito was there from day one of the emergence of mobile technology, early adopters of the ‘new technology’ that allowed mobile workers to always be connected to the network.

Since then, things have moved on a lot, but according to the article, what we’ve got now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pretty soon, it’s been said that almost every man-made object will be connected over networks through the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), effectively the connective layer between the formerly static non-connected world, and the world of PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

In the consumer world, this could mean, for example, a connected washing machine would be able to report energy usage and cycle settings to a smartphone app.

But what does it mean in the business world?

Interestingly, the article talks about how network-enabled devices based on the new technologies associated with IoT (such as Z-wave and Zigbee) are defining a new set of capabilities, namely that everything and anything can be perceived remotely, in real-time, over the network, and can then be monitored, measured, and even controlled as necessary.

Rings a bell doesn’t it? In the land of mobile workforce management, we’re ahead of the game, and are already measuring what we can in this way.

The article goes on to agree with one of the core Cognito principles - that you cannot manage what you cannot measure:

“So much of what actually takes place in the enterprise is submerged or ‘dark’, from enterprise data to ground truth on the physical state of the business. The quantified enterprise is made up of applications and instrumentation that allows workers to literally take the full measure of what's taking place now and use it to manage, control, and optimize the business.”

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