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Is that the result you expected?

Often the result you expect to see from a shift isn’t the reality of what actually happened.

Is that the result you expected?

Individual Key Performance Indicators within each Key Performance Area (KPA) of the Cognito iQ Radar Chart are defined by you to be realistic goals for each of your workers. Of course, parts of a worker’s day won’t be productive - that is expected. But it’s when a worker is scheduled to do an 8 hour shift and only signs on for, say, 2 of those hours, that the Utilisation KPA would score poorly. Utilisation is measuring how they performed during the planned shift times, and not the actual time for which they were signed in.

In this example, it would still be possible to score well in the Productivity KPA, if the worker managed to do all of their allocated jobs and/or hit all of their SLAs within those two hours.

However, the low Utilisation score would still negatively affect the consolidated Performance Score which reveals the worker’s overall performance, taking into account the other key areas that contribute to optimal field service delivery - Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Compliance and Consistency.

Having this level of insight into how your workers spend their time will aid in understanding the number of jobs your workers are capable of completing within any set period, help to eliminate wasted time , increase revenues and lead to more happy customers.

Which is the result you should be expecting!

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