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Your team is efficient, but is it effective?

Let’s face it, it’s no good if your workers are completing a high number of jobs a day if they aren’t doing them well.

Your team is efficient, but is it effective?

The Cognito iQ Radar Chart measures the effectiveness of a worker by the number of first time fixes achieved in the shift and the service level attainment. If desired, the worker’s net promoter score can also be factored in with the integration of a bespoke customer survey - all three combining to show to what degree the intended result has been achieved by each individual in the team.

Efficiency is a little harder to measure, unless that is, you’re comparing the work of your entire team. Three Key Performance Indicators make up the ‘Efficiency’ area of the Radar Chart - how long each task takes (task duration), travel time between jobs (travel duration) and the number of tasks completed per hour (Velocity).

So actually, whether or not your team is performing well depends very much on what you’re measuring. They could be productive, but under-utilised. Efficient, but not effective. Which is why the Cognito iQ Performance Score takes into account six Key Performance Areas to give a well-rounded view of the individual, directly comparable with their fellow team members.

We find out more about the next areas of the Cognito iQ Radar Chart in our upcoming blogs - stay tuned!

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