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Industry Studies Confirm Growing Importance of Customer Service and Field Service Management as Strategic Differentiators

“Discount prices!” “New models!” “Free gift!”

Growing Importance of Customer Service

It might have worked once upon a time, but in today’s world, temporary incentives aren’t enough to keep the customers coming and profits up.

Recent research by The Service Council, and publicised by ERP vendor SAP, indicates that - in a world where everything is becoming commoditised, where customer expectations are forever on the rise - there’s only one thing left to differentiate a company from it’s competitors; and that’s service.

Short term offers may well be tempting to a customer initially, but with little profit in it for the company, and nothing more for the customer post-sale, there’s very little value in it for either party.

Sustaining profitability by means of happy, repeat customers is the new key to survival, and that can only be achieved through giving the customer an excellent all-round experience - from the very first interaction, to exceptional service months and years after their initial purchase.

The report highlights the importance of the field worker in today’s organisations, ‘where teams are viewed as "customer ambassadors" or "solution providers" wherein the relationships that these teams establish with customers offer a means of differentiation and value’.

Our customers tell us the same - service has never been so important. The role of your mobile workforce is critical in successful service delivery, which is why we focus on transforming results by understanding individual’s performances and the hidden potential for improvement that exists today.

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