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From awful to awesome

Huffing and puffing, the driver delivering my new fridge dumps it just inside my front door, thrusts a pen and paper form in front of me and grunts “sign here”, before swiftly departing. Not only am I left with the dilemma of how to move my new fridge from the front door to the kitchen, but after patiently waiting in all morning, I’m left with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth for the company I chose to buy my new appliance from…

From awful to awesomeThat was two years ago. Today, my fridge sits quietly in the kitchen, serving me well. But I can’t help wondering if the same can be said of the company that delivered it… Chances are, if everyone received the level of service I did, they wouldn’t have any customers left to serve.

I’ve been needing a new cooker for a while, so I decide to have a look at their website. “Five stars!” “Outstanding!” “Would use again and again”. A row of extremely favourable reviews that click through to a long list of more of the same. Intrigued, I scan through… Apparently a lot of people had an experience quite the opposite to my own, and so I decide to see for myself…

The day after placing my order, I’m sent a text message, informing me that my shiny new appliance has left the warehouse and it’s on its way, giving an approximate delivery time accurate to within an hour. Pleasantly surprised, I continue with my errands, knowing I have a good couple of hours before I need to be at home.

Delivery hour is upon me, and this time, I’ve prepared myself for the worst possible service experience - I’m ready to retaliate! But answering the knock at the door, I’m greeted with a smile and a cheery “good afternoon sir, where would you like me to put your delivery?” Trying to prevent my eyebrows from giving too much of my surprise away, I show him to a spot in my kitchen.

During the short time he’s in my house, he asks if I’ve had a good day and comments on the lovely weather, before asking politely if I could sign my name on his smart device - but only if I’m happy with the service I’ve received. Before leaving, he asks if there’s anything more I require from him or the company, and when I decline, he leaves me with a little informational booklet “just in case I think of something”.

Comparing the two experiences I’ve had with the company, I find it hard to believe they are one and the same, but it highlights the growing importance of service in today’s world - it’s evident that the company realised they had to change their ways - and that being the cheapest wasn’t going to cut it if no-one ever wanted to come back.

The glowing reviews speak volumes, and despite the many hundreds of companies available to me for such services, thanks to the first rate service I received, it’s this company that I’ll chose next time, and recommend to all my friends and family.

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