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“The driving force of all nature”

That’s what Leonardo da Vinci called “water” – and who am I to disagree with a genius?

Leonardo da VinciTruth be told, I actually do not know that much about water, beyond the fact that it streams out when I turn the tap (faucet?) and an unreasonable amount of it falls on the UK in a typical year!

Of course, there is a massive industry at work behind the scenes, ensuring that customer demands are met and there is continuous availability. Just as there is for all of our utilities (electricity, gas, etc.). And, an important part of those companies, which provide our energy and water, are large field-based workforces – precisely because their infrastructure has to reach every factory, office and home in the country.

Now, just the mention of a “mobile workforce” in the Cognito office is enough to get everyone interested – it’s our specialist subject. We know a whole lot about communicating with them, recording what they do, and improving their performance. It’s what we do.

But we are not experts in the utilities industry, so we have partnered with Leadent Solutions who have an unrivalled reputation for delivering workforce management solutions across the utilities sector. Together we have combined the power of Cognito Fieldforce iQ with their workforce optimisation and business transformation skills, to deliver a unique and powerful analytics proposition which will allow utility companies to continuously improve, become performance-led and exploit their past spend on technology – a must when both reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction are high priorities.

You can read the full press release here, and more about Fieldforce iQ here on our website.

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