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Seasons test even the seasoned

The weather’s taken a turn for the worse this week - summer already seems like a lifetime ago and, as the days get progressively shorter and colder, people will be surrendering to the fact that it might just be time to put the heating on.

Cold rainy - a tough day for mobile workforce managementFor an unlucky bunch, winter comes at an expensive price - the extra strain on the boiler will take its toll, and the heating will fail. It could just need a service, a simple part may need replacing, or the whole thing might have to be replaced. But, whilst everyone else is tucked up in the warm, those affected by a broken boiler won’t care what’s wrong - they’ll just want it fixed. And fast.

Winter is a busy time for heating companies whether they service domestic or commercial properties, with demand for repairs typically doubling between October and February. Coupled with challenging weather conditions, it can be hard for them to get engineers on site quickly and the problem fixed first time, leaving customers frustrated and cold.

Ensuring that every engineer is well equipped, ready and willing to do the best they can for the customers is key to fulfilling requirements during this busy time. For the managers, knowing which engineers are where, and what they are working on, enables jobs to be allocated based on real-time resource availability. Meaning the customer is visited sooner, and by the engineer with the right skills, the right parts, and best equipped for the job.

It won’t always be the case that an engineer can reach the customer easily in wintery conditions, but knowing that when they do, the chances of them being able to fix the problem first time is greatly increased, is a great thing for both company and cold customer!

And the same applies for other industries. Clearly it’s not just heating companies that are affected by the seasons. In the run up to Christmas, parcel delivery companies will be maxed out; in the spring, flooding could challenge water companies; and during the summer months, air conditioning units will need frequent attention.

Field workers in every industry need to be able to do the best job they can, whatever the conditions, and this requires insight and understanding into their world, their day-to-day difficulties, and recognition that there are many factors that affect the outcome of their day - all part of mobile workforce management.

How does employee performance affect satisfaction in your industry? Read more here to understand the factors behind keeping your customers happy – and warm this winter.

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