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Steve Alderson

SVP Service Operations

Recent Posts

Revealed: good service pays and poor service costs – it’s official

Posted by Steve Alderson on May 30, 2012

Our findings launched this week from YouGov research reveal that organisations that invest in service excellence are 54% more likely to receive repeat purchases from customers. Moreover, 47% of consumers will pay a premium for products or services where they believe they are likely to receive good service.

During the YouGov survey, 2,084 online respondents were also asked to name the brands they believed were best when it came to customer service and delivery. John Lewis ranked first for customer service, with Marks and Spencer and Amazon ranked second and third respectively; Tesco, Asda and Virgin also appeared in the top ten ranking brands.

Other results included:

  • 82% of respondents said they would tell other people about a bad experience, three times more than those who would tell others of a good experience

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Why a double-dip recession needn’t mean a compromise on service levels

Posted by Steve Alderson on May 9, 2012

At the beginning of the year we predicted that the UK would be pulled back into recession, albeit not as deep. Unfortunately, following the recent announcement from The Office for National Statistics, that prediction has become a reality and the UK has officially returned to recession. With that in mind, we look at how organisations can use technology to deliver service excellence against a challenging economic backdrop.

The value that organisations put on great service is never more important than when its customers are feeling the pinch and are evaluating the service they receive versus spend. This challenges organisations and service departments to provide a level of service that customers value, whilst managing their internal budget constraints.

Realising the value of a satisfied customer base will give organisations the impetus to prioritise delivering great service to new and existing customers. Our financial modelling tool, the Value of Service Calculator, enables service managers to put some hard numbers against the value of service and understand the impact poor service has on revenue and profit.

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How poor service comes at a price - and some tips for best practice delivery

Posted by Steve Alderson on April 26, 2012

Last week saw Yodel controversially raising prices for service to meet consumer service demands and match the ever-increasing need for flexibility.

The UK's largest parcel delivery company put the price hike down to the enormous growth in online shopping, and enhancements to its service, including a six day a week, increasing to seven days during December, with the removal of premium charges for weekend deliveries, and standard pricing across the UK. It also referenced other technology enhancements such as SMS and an improved online service. All good enhancements, which unfortunately backfired.

The outcome was public outrage and a host of negative comments from consumers who had experienced poor service, and demonstrated how bad service can damage a brand and come to the forefront at the first opportunity.

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5 ways to provide service excellence

Posted by Steve Alderson on April 17, 2012

Over the past few months we’ve been helping organisations to recognise the value of good customer service and the impact poor service can have on revenue and profit. Identifying the need for improved customer service is the first step to providing service excellence, the second is taking action to implement the change.

Looking at the way our customers deliver award winning customer service, we have compiled the below list of ways organisations can improve their current levels of customer service and satisfaction.

1. Listen to customers, it sounds like an obvious point but can often be overlooked. Reviewing current levels of service with customers and discussing changes and improvements will demonstrate a commitment to service excellence. In addition, it will help identify what areas need to be addressed and provides a useful benchmark to measure success against.

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For better or for worse – why good customer service needs equal recognition

Posted by Steve Alderson on April 3, 2012

In recent blog posts we have focused on the financial value of best practice customer service to the boardroom, and how to analyse it from a managerial perspective.

We all know when bad service hits these days it’s reported on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook but what about exceptional instances of good service? How are they amplified?

Driving good service is as much about motivation and reward as it is about monitoring instances of poor customer management. After all, why should the workforce be minded to go the extra mile if it goes unrecognised? It is as much about middle management and creating a ‘service environment’ as it is making it a priority at board level. Customer service should work from the top down, as well as the bottom up, with middle management in both directions.

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