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Cognito iQ voted one of the UKs top undergraduate employers

For almost 20 years we’ve been supporting future graduates by giving them a taste of our world and the opportunities the tech industry has to offer. This year we are delighted to be ranked number 23 in the ‘Rate my Placement’ Top Medium-Sized Undergraduate Scheme.


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The industrial placement scheme is aimed at university students ready to make their mark on the working world. Students who have reached year 3 of a 4-year sandwich course are required to spend approximately a year in the work environment. An industrial placement offers them a chance to get hands-on experience working for a company that interests them, usually related to their studies.

Graduate placements have long been important to Cognito iQ. Our first placement joined us in 1998. Interestingly, that graduate is still with us today and has worked his way up the ranks. We continue to welcome students and graduates to our organisation as we recognise the value they bring. Typically we recruit about 6 student placements a year. Usually they begin work in the July and stay with us for 13 months. We offer roles in a number of disciplines this year we are recruiting insoftware development, professional services and network and cloud operations. These roles will work directly with some of our brightest brains, pushing the boundaries of their capabilities. This opportunity provides our students with experience and knowledge that can’t be taught in the classroom.

Our placement students make a vital contribution to the success of our business during their time with us. Whichever placement they choose they are guaranteed to be working alongside highly inspirational people, developing a knowledge of the latest technologies, coding languages and methodologies that are an integral part of our product portfolio.

After a year in the workplace, students are asked to give feedback on their placement. We, as employers, learn about the students’ experiences and opinions. This feedback is used to show us what works well during the scheme, and highlights any areas of improvement to the overall experience that can be made for the following year. Quite often, students who make an impact, are offered a permanent position on graduation - what a weight to be lifted in their final year!

Cognito iQ partners with Rate My Placement (RMP) to help source quality placement students. RMP works with hundreds of businesses of all different sizes and in a mix of industries all over the UK to find exciting work experience placements for future graduates. Each year they create a directory of the Top Undergraduate employers. Determined by the feedback from graduates that have participated in placements, they highlight the top employers in a number of categories. Cognito iQ is delighted to be number 23 in the Medium Employer category for 2017 – 5th of all the IT and Communications companies.

Whilst this is a great achievement, it is the feedback collated by RMP that we are most proud of.

One student who spent 12 months with us last year in our Middleware software development team had this to say about his placement: “I have been able to take responsibility for many important tasks and my team always trusts me with everything I undertake. I’m constantly learning new things, mostly new technologies and new ways of problem solving”

One of his biggest achievements during his time with us was designing a new service that was utilised by a number of customers. “The implementation involved writing the application code, making changes to several other services and architecting the solution for the Cloud. It was written entirely by me. I’ve learned countless transferable technical and non-technical skills that will benefit me for life”.

If you would like to learn more about our industrial placement scheme visit our website or our Rate my Placement profile. 


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