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Lessons from the Premier League: winning with performance data.

A ranking of the ‘hardest working’ football players in the Premier League using just one metric, the distance players cover in the season, has thrown up some interesting results, not least a correlation between distance and success: the league’s bottom club has the lowest total distance covered.

We’ve always thought that managing a complex field service operation, when you can’t see what your workers are doing, is a bit like trying to manage a football team by listening to the match on the radio. You know the results of the day’s work but have no football-1.jpgidea how it got done. You can’t see what was effective, or what wasn’t, or which workers performed with ease, or which struggled to hit their targets. 

Fortunately for football managers and coaches, they don’t have to rely on the radio. These days they have a wealth of data – not just distance covered - on every player and every match. This means they can analyse each player’s performance and see which players they should be courting in the next transfer window, and which they should be quietly trying to shift. 

And fortunately for field service managers, Cognito iQ OPM offer the same wealth of data about mobile workers. OPM’s Worker Scorecard and League Table enable you to rank your workers according to the metrics that are important for your business. Once you understand performance at an individual, team or regional level, you can work on improving performance, giving training where needed, and rewarding excellence, so your team can be ‘in with a chance of the cup’, rather than ‘facing relegation’.

About Cognito iQ

Cognito iQ is a leading provider of service management solutions to organisations with mobile workforces. For more than 20 years we have been helping clients drive field force performance, exceed customer expectations and deliver consistently excellent service.

Our flagship strategic service platform, Cognito iQ, enables organisations to optimise their service operations and systemically drive continual performance improvement. Our approach is based on the understanding that the next wave of service improvement will come from fully engaging the workforce in the journey towards achieving operational excellence.

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