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Considering a device refresh?

Posted by Paula Borcherds on September 1, 2016

Choosing a new device for your workforce is not easy:

  • Consumer v rugged?
  • Android v Windows? 

With so many devices on the market, the choice is endless.

One successful approach is to work backwards. Rather than looking at devices and then assessing if they meet your needs, establish what your device requirements are and source the market with an exact shopping list.

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Performance Management - Evolution or Revolution?

Posted by Georgina Barker on February 17, 2016

The way we manage field workers is always evolving:

  • 20 years ago most companies couldn’t communicate with workers in the field.
  • 10 years ago we were all manually scheduling tasks.

Each time a game-changing piece of technology comes along and takes service delivery to the next level, we wonder how on earth we ever did our jobs without it.

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Tech Overload – Stop And Smell The Silicon

Posted by Laurent Othacéhé on February 17, 2016

Even after 30 years in the IT industry, I’m still a proper geek and my heart warms every time a new gadget appears. Integrated geo-localisation? I want one! Self-diagnostics? Oh yes yes yes! Predictive despatching? I’m having impure thoughts now…

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Lessons from the Premier League: winning with performance data.

Posted by Rebecca Barnett on February 16, 2016

A ranking of the ‘hardest working’ football players in the Premier League using just one metric, the distance players cover in the season, has thrown up some interesting results, not least a correlation between distance and success: the league’s bottom club has the lowest total distance covered.

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SPECTRE: The uncannily obvious connection we have with Bond’s new movie

Posted by Rebecca Barnett on October 27, 2015

Our take on the new Bond film. 

So it ticks all the boxes in terms of the dramatic opening sequence, the plot for world domination, the bad guy with the bad scar, the plethora of jaw droppingly gorgeous women, the multitude of exotic locations, the Aston Martin DB10 (designed and built specifically for the movie but will never actually be mass produced) and of course there’s the usual daring stunts and hot pursuit chases in every form of transport known to man (except electric scooters  – they missed that)* So in short, Spectre delivers.

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