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Performance Management - Evolution or Revolution?

The way we manage field workers is always evolving:

  • 20 years ago most companies couldn’t communicate with workers in the field.
  • 10 years ago we were all manually scheduling tasks.

Each time a game-changing piece of technology comes along and takes service delivery to the next level, we wonder how on earth we ever did our jobs without it.

The next stage of evolution is happening now - It’s called Operational Performance Management. Customers are demanding better, quicker service and businesses need to maximise their performance in order to deliver it.OPM.jpg

OPM is a natural progression. We can already see where workers are and what they are doing, now we want to know how they are doing it and how that impacts the performance of the whole operation. By having insight into the ‘how’, companies can make cultural changes to replicate desirable behaviours across their organisation:

  • Why is the North East region completing more tasks per day than the South West?
  • Why does John Smith’s team have the highest SLA hit rate?
  • Why does Joe Bloggs have the highest customer satisfaction rating in his team?

Performance management software is the enabler. By using data gathered on mobile devices and analysing it in conjunction with business rules, it should provide the answers to these questions at every level:


Cognito iQ OPM (Operational Performance Management) does just that. Displaying real-time and historical data in comprehensive and easy to use dashboards, it creates the perfect environment for continual improvement. It’s not just part of evolution- it’s a revolution and we are leading it.

Some customers are seeing improvements of between 5-20% in worker Productivity, which is just one element of the product. If you would like to find out more about Cognito iQ OPM, please contact your Service Manager for more information.

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