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SPECTRE: The uncannily obvious connection we have with Bond’s new movie

Our take on the new Bond film. 

So it ticks all the boxes in terms of the dramatic opening sequence, the plot for world domination, the bad guy with the bad scar, the plethora of jaw droppingly gorgeous women, the multitude of exotic locations, the Aston Martin DB10 (designed and built specifically for the movie but will never actually be mass produced) and of course there’s the usual daring stunts and hot pursuit chases in every form of transport known to man (except electric scooters  – they missed that)* So in short, Spectre delivers.

We’re pondering however on Aston Martin and their arguably unsporting marketing tactics… when they say ‘limited production run’ they’re not kidding. They’ve made 10 of the new DB10’s. Yes 10. James was allowed to smash up 9 of them in the film and 1 will be auctioned off at some point. Showing off a concept car that will never see a production line, tantalising and teasing, setting aspirations at levels that can only be met with mass disappointment. We like Aston’s audacious arrogance but it’s a jolly good job not all companies take that same approach to their swanky new products and technology.


In fact, here at Cognito iQ we do the opposite. We might not be in an industry as sexy as high performance sports cars but if we were, we’d be giving Aston a run for their money.

We design and develop revolutionary products for our customers and then we make them available. Call us old fashioned but yes, you can actually buy our stuff.

Our Cognito iQ OPM (Operational Performance Management) solution is transformational for businesses with mobile workforces who are looking to supercharge their efficiency, notch up a few gears on productivity in the field and basically leave the competition behind. Think of it as lifting the bonnet on your field operation, being able to see where problems are, spot where to tweak improvements and fine-tune the operation to optimal performance. All this is done in real-time, through innovative and easy to understand dashboards. Find out more online CognitoiQ.com

So whilst we can only dream of owning a DB10. Cognito iQ is available to you now.

Drop us a line if you’d like a test drive.

*Argos offer a super speedy Fast Track same day delivery (powered by Cognito iQ NOT Aston Martin) and they have some great offers on electric scooters at the mo  #justsaying 

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