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Tech Overload – Stop And Smell The Silicon

Even after 30 years in the IT industry, I’m still a proper geek and my heart warms every time a new gadget appears. Integrated geo-localisation? I want one! Self-diagnostics? Oh yes yes yes! Predictive despatching? I’m having impure thoughts now…


Quick, quick, we must integrate it within our software. New capabilities, exciting demos, more technology!!! I love it! Well, I do and I don’t actually. While the technologist in me revels in the novelty and the technical challenge, the project manager feels ‘come on… what are we trying to achieve here?’

In truth, what pretty much all of our customers actually need is solid, simple technology that does 80% of what their day-to-day job requires, quickly, reliably and without fuss.

Over-complication is the real enemy in our industry and ‘Keep It Simple’ a byword for success. You may or may not like Apple, but if their market capitalisation (the world’s biggest) proves one thing, it’s that ‘simple’ works.

‘Simple’ is good. ‘Simple’ delivers on-time projects, customer satisfaction and ultimately good business. ‘Simple’ means profits. Not all projects are born equal however, and not all companies have the same capabilities.

Some of our customers have advanced systems in place, integrating perhaps an ERP, a robust mobility system and real-time scheduling. These customers will greatly benefit, right now, from the most advanced technology on the market, such as Operational Performance Management.

Other customers may not be so advanced. Perhaps they have just upgraded their Work Order Management system. Then the next natural step would be to deploy and bed down a proven mobility solution. Performance management, scheduling, tracking, etc. probably can all wait a year or two.

Crawl, walk, run. And from time to time, stop and smell the silicon.

Get the technology that’s right for where you’re at, make an operational success of it, then move to the next step, in your own time. My geeky heart bleeds, but I know which side my toast is buttered on.

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