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Connecting workers in the field with the back office in real time

Guide your field workers through their day with a constant flow of information between the field and core business systems.

Cognito iQ's Mobile Workforce Management provides field workers with an easy to use, intuitive workflow, available on any supported mobile device. Using decision-tree logic to guide workers through tasks, the workflow adapts according to the data entered - that’s the intelligent bit.

  • Standard API
  • Compatible With 3rd Party Software
  • Cross-Platform Capability
  • Device Agnostic (Find out more)

Cognito iQ Mobile Workforce Management Video

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Work the way you want with flexible workflows

Why adapt your business process to suit a workflow template?

Cognito iQ's Mobile Workforce Management workflow is flexible and adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around.

Based on a wealth of experience with leading field organisations, our workflow can be self-configured to suit your business needs as they evolve

Eliminate paper with electronic timesheets

Cognito iQ's Mobile Workforce Management Software gathers data about a worker’s day to produce an accurate electronic timesheet.

From travel to time spent on tasks, the data collected provides visibility of how a field worker’s time is utilised across a range of productive and non-productive activities.

  • No more paper-based time sheets
  • Identify gaps in process
  • Improve planning
  • Increase time spent on productive tasks

Reduce risk with improved compliance

Our mobile workforce management software incorporates vehicle checks, risk assessments and other checks into your workflow to ensure your employees are safe and compliant:

  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Industry specific H&S legislation
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Vehicle Damage Reporting

Assist compliance to internal policies such as:

  • Contractual T's & C's
  • Pricing Policies
  • Data capture to support invoicing
  • Customer specific guidelines and policies

Manage stock & parts on the move

Cognito iQ's mobile workforce management software has a comprehensive parts management system which allows workers to:

  • Check stock inventory in real time
  • Manage van stock and conduct stock-taking
  • Scan or enter parts information
  • Record parts used
  • Order parts
  • Source stock from retailers or other company vehicles

Capture the data you need with Smart Forms

Our mobile workforce management customises your workflow simply and quickly, reduce development costs and eliminate the need for paper forms with Cognito iQ Smart Forms.

  • Replace paper-based forms: Risk Assessments, Damage Reports, Sales Leads
  • Instantly create electronic forms and amend fields within your workflow
  • Smart Forms - Intuitively direct users to complete relevant sections

Smart Forms can be configured to capture any Form Data you require.

Easy signature & photo capture

Automatically capture photographic evidence of task outcomes and work completed.

Our Intelligent Workflow:

  • Collects electronic signatures
  • Confirms date, time and GPS locations
  • Links all images to tasks
  • Provides easy access to images

In-built customer survey tools

Use Cognito iQ to complete bespoke customer surveys and capture Net Promoter/SIM Scores.

Deliver a consistently positive experience by monitoring and influencing customer satisfaction in real time.

More Features

Other capabilities of Cognito iQ's mobile workforce management software:

  • Integrated satellite navigation
  • View instruction manuals and asset diagrams
  • Electronic holiday request and expense form submission
  • Integration with other 3rd party applications
  • Supported on multiple devices


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Cognito iQ Mobile integrates via a Standard API and is compatible with 3rd Party Software.

The Cognito iQ Mobile application is also device agnostic and available on all major operating systems.

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