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Cognito iQ Operational Performance Management

Real-time analytics in the complex world of mobile workforce management

Real-time data from the field presented in clear, easy to understand dashboards. Plus the ability to drill down into granular detail for a thorough understanding of operational performance.

Understand your service organisation at every level:
Organisational - Regional - Team - Individual - Task

Compare past and current performance levels in order to identify:

  • Gaps in process
  • Regional and seasonal trends
  • Best (and worst) employee performance
  • How today’s data compares with historic performance
  • The impact of changes and improvements

Cognito iQ OPA is available to integrate with other mobility systems.

Use our ROI Calculator below to find out how much you could save.

Resource Perspective

This dashboard shows you exactly what tasks your field team are currently undertaking and how long they have been involved in that activity.

  • Typical field service activities are represented and populated with the number of individuals current performing that task
  • Interrogate each activity to see which individuals are involved and for how long they have been conducting that task
  • Teams are scored based on 6 KPAs: Productivity, Utilisation, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Compliance and Consistency
  • Compare KPAs against different time periods to see if there is a change in behaviour

Explore the Resource Perspective Dashboard here.

Worker Scorecard

Provides an overview of individual worker performance.

Data captured on a mobile application is used to calculate a 'balanced' score based on pre-defined KPA's, which summarises worker performance over different time periods.

  • Breaks down how a workers time was spent based on productive and non-productive activities
  • Quantifies areas of opportunity in minutes per shift
  • Visualises the impact of training on performance

Analyse performance and look at areas of individual strength and weakness.

Business Process Dashboard

From task allocation to closure and everything in between, this dashboard provides a detailed overview of the state of play today.

Real time visibility of:

  • Task allocation and status
  • First Time Fix Rates
  • Reasons behind repeat visits
  • Tasks completed within SLA
  • Tasks falling outside SLA

Compare current and historic data to create a balanced view of performance.

SLA Perspective

Provides visibility of critical Service Level Agreement data:

  • View open tasks in real time
  • See the SLA outcome of closed tasks
  • Identify tasks at risk of breaching SLA
  • Use data to review and monitor scheduling rules

Customer Satisfaction Rating

We understand that field workers are the face of a service operation and are in a prime position to influence customer experience.

Use Cognito iQ's bespoke surveys, NPS or SIM ratings to measure customer satisfaction in real time.

Identify areas for improvement and make informed changes to drive a consistently positive customer experience.

League Table

Rank your workers by performance to understand what good (or bad) looks like.

Combines scores produced in the Worker Scorecard to produce a League Table based on performance:

  • Who are the top performing workers - teams - regions?
  • What are they doing that makes them so good?

Use this data to identify training needs and replicate good behaviours across the board.

Plan Perspective

How does current/past performance compare with the plan?

This dashboard shows:

  • Variance to the scheduled plan
  • Rate of tasks completed per hour
  • Duration of tasks completed

Take action to affect today’s outcome. Visualise trends and identify areas for scheduling improvements.

More Features

Other capabilities of Cognito iQ OPA:

  • Service Fulfillment Perspective
  • Worker Productivity Analysis
  • First Time Fix Analysis

ROI Calculator

Cognito iQ OPM ROI Calculator

Find out how much you could be saving by using our mobile workforce analytics solution.

Use this calculator to see an example of the productivity increase you could receive from having our OPA solution*

*Savings are estimates only. For more accurate ROI please contact us.

Field Service Transformation

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