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Last mile delivery

The Cognito iQ platform enables delivery
of over 2m parcels each day.

The courier business doesn't stand still...

The changes that are happening now are the most
dramatic in the last 25 years. Customer demands together with advances in technology
are transforming the industry.
The businesses that will survive are those that can exploit data.
Cognito iQ ePoD/C solutions can help you thrive.

Last mile delivery solutions



User friendly workflow on any device.

Customer Notifications

Interactive customer updates.
Facilities Management TEAL

Route Optimisation

Intelligent route planning.

Deliver on time, in full, every time, with Cognito iQ Mobile

Cognito iQ Mobile is a cloud-based mobile workflow solution for logistics, transport and courier organisations that connects drivers in the field with the back office, in real-time, guiding them through each shift, increasing efficiency and ‘on time in full’ (OTIF) delivery rate.
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  • Improved efficiency: Your drivers are guided through each drop in the most efficient way possible, with access to all the information they need to complete a drop.
  • Increased accuracy: Electronic capture saves time and reduces errors, compared to paper-based time sheets, and generates an electronic proof of delivery. Cognito iQ Mobile also offers document creation and printing, which increases the speed and accuracy of information sent to the back office, and enhances customer experience by providing documents on site.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: More efficient drivers mean better service for your clients and end customers.  With Cognito iQ Mobile, you can capture and view end-customer feedback in real time so you can deal with issues as they arise.
  • Improved safety and compliance: Your drivers complete checks at start of each shift, so you can be confident that they are safe and compliant at all times. This also helps to keep vehicles on the road by picking up issues before they arise.
  • Reduced costs: With improved efficiency and OTIF rates, you’ll find that costs are driven down, effortlessly. 
  • Faster billing and invoicing: Electronic capture of drop completion information together with geo-tagged photo and signature capture cuts administration and reduces disputes.
  • Increased visibility: Managers can easily administer their drivers, access timesheet information, view key drop data and analyse detailed reports at a granular level (region; team; individual; drop)
  • Flexibility: Cognito iQ Mobile is tailored to your industry- and business-specific needs, and can be easily reconfigured as those needs change.
  • 'Bring your own device' (BYOD): Mobile workflow available as an app through the Google Enterprise Play Store. Choosing the right device
  • Electronic timesheet: Generates an electronic timesheet for each driver based on data captured from their mobile device. Can also be accessed by other departments and linked to back-office systems.
  • Compliance: Presents a set of configurable check questions at the start of each shift including:
    - Vehicle damage report
    - Personal protection equipment (PPE) checks
    - On-site risk assessments
  • Document creation and printing: Create and print documents and receipts on-site.
  • Customer survey: Cognito iQ Mobile generates a bespoke customer survey (including Net Promoter Score) when closing drops.
  • Signature and photo capture: Your drivers can capture geo-tagged photographs and customer signatures, which are linked to the relevant drop, and can be linked to back-office systems.
  • Management portal: Cognito iQ Mobile gives managers access to set up their team and review its activities.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Our highly trained team of Cognito iQ support engineers are here to provide excellent technical support.

“Where’s my parcel?” With Customer Notifications, you – and your customers – will always know.

These days, end customers want to track their deliveries at every stage, and they also want to choose when and where their parcel will arrive.

Our Customer Notifications service for the Logistics sector means you can keep your customers informed, whilst putting the control over deliveries firmly into their hands. On top of this, you can access customer feedback in real time, so you can manage your drivers and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improved end-customer experience: Real-time notifications for the last mile, including pre-delivery and en-route, ensure customers know where their delivery is, at all times.
  • Increased first-time-delivery rates: Customers can schedule a delivery when they want it, or designate a safe place if they are out, which reduces delivery attempts.
  • Improved employee engagement: Drivers know that end customers will be expecting them; this makes access easier in situations such as businesses or blocks of flats, reduces failed deliveries, saves time and makes them more profitable.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Because Customer Notifications gives end customers the option to give detailed feedback, you can easily pick up early warnings of any issues that may require driver training or a change in process.
  • Better brand recognition: Because end customers care about delivery options, the delivery brand is becoming more important. Customer Notifications gives you the option to show driver photos, and to brand customer communications, with your own brand, as well as your client’s, making the service more personal and showcasing your brand.
  • Competitive advantage: The delivery business doesn’t stand still. Driver visibility together with end-customer communications and control of delivery options are more than just ‘nice to have’ – they are essential to stay competitive. Customer Notifications will help your clients to differentiate their product delivery service.
  • Interactive email notifications: Email notification of delivery itinerary, and confirmation that order is progressing, via regular updates.
  • Interactive SMS notifications: SMS notification of impending parcel delivery – a less formal channel, chosen to appeal to customers and maximise access.
  • Real-time tracking: Customer Notifications gives you real-time tracking on an interactive map throughout the last mile journey, including pre-delivery information about driver and parcel, proximity information in relation to customer location, review of item delivery journey and proof-of-delivery information.
  • Personalisation: End customers can personalise their delivery, with scheduled delivery windows via notifications and web interface, with the option to provide special instructions, such as a safe place for delivery. You can add your branding, or that of your client, at all touchpoints.
  • End-customer review: Capture customer feedback via customisable questionnaires, to gain insight into performance, monitor satisfaction levels, set improvement goals, identify and address emerging trends, recognise training requirements, and demonstrate the value your company places on customer experience.
  • Low-cost integration:  Customer Notifications is a completely independent service; all it requires is an integration to your order system or similar.
  • Mobile application agnostic: Customer Notifications is designed to work in conjunction with Cognito iQ Mobile, but integrates seamlessly with any other mobile application.
  • Hardware agnostic: SMS and email notifications provide secure access to a web interface via a unique URL. Customers can see delivery details on any internet enabled device.
  • Fully supported by Cognito iQ: Our highly trained team of Cognito iQ support engineers are here to provide excellent technical support.



Cognito iQ Route Optimisation calculates the most efficient route, in seconds, for up to 200 addresses at a time.

Route Optimisation enables your field-based workers or drivers to plan at the touch of a button. They’ll feel confident they aren’t wasting time; you’ll know they’re on the optimal route, giving customers the best possible service.
Download Datasheet
  • Increased efficiency: Route planning is complex; however well a worker knows their local area, automating the planning process will make them more efficient.
  • Increased accuracy: Uses latitude and longitude for accuracy, with address fall-back. Flags errors such as invalid addresses. Can re-optimise at any time during a shift.
  • Time savings: Manual route planning is time consuming. Route Optimisation can reduce the planning process at the start of each shift from over an hour per driver to just five minutes.
  • Improved SLA compliance: Cognito iQ Route Optimisation takes SLA requirements into account, so the recommended route is not only the most efficient but also the most effective for your business.
  • Happier customers: Cognito iQ Route Optimisation can automatically set ETAs, which can then be sent to end customers via text message or email. It can re-optimise and reset ETAs if there are setbacks during the shift; in the event of a delay, the customer is kept informed.
  • Designed for all industries with field-based workers and drivers: Supports specific requirements of couriers firms by managing deliveries and collections from a predetermined manifest.
  • Automatically sets ETAs: These are set once routes are defined, and are automatically re-optimised if there are any changes during a shift.
  • Configurable: Enables workers to set their preferred start and end locations – ideal for those with flexible working arrangements. Can also be configured to include extended dwell times for hard-to-access properties such as office buildings, or blocks of flats.
  • Supports partial optimisation: Can be set to permit workers to change the optimised route, if they know a better route, or if they want to fit their visits around other appointments.
  • Runs locally without signal: Cognito iQ Route Optimisation runs locally on the device without depending on the mobile or Wi-Fi network; your driver can always optimise and access route information, even in areas with no signal.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Cognito iQ Mobile: The underlying optimisation technology comes from CoPilot, a market-leading mapping and routing application, which is integrated with Cognito iQ Mobile workflow, providing a familiar interface and consistent user experience.
  • Supports additional functionality: Other CoPilot modules can be added to take road and vehicle conditions into account when optimising.
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Limitless performance at scale

We've supported Hermes to grow their business from delivering 1.5 Million parcels on their busiest day in to 1.9 Million parcels on their busiest day in 2018. Imagine what we could do for you.
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Bespoke customer-driven innovation

Staying ahead of customer requirements is an ongoing challenge for the courier sector. How would you like a bespoke mobile solution, which fits your needs, but also evolves as your needs change?

Gartner's take on the future of logistics

Digital, data and drones: delivering the courier business of the future.

Gartner says digital transformation and data analytics are the primary focus for CIOs in the Transport and Courier sector. Ofcom says that parcel volumes are growing but margins are shrinking. McKinsey says that the pace of change is faster than expected in last mile delivery.



What will the future hold for your business? Download and be ready.

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