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Amazon and their same day delivery? Good effort but not good enough…

Amazon have just announced Free Same Day Delivery for their Prime customers. But you can only have it if you live in London. Oh dear. Oh and you have to order it by noon to get it by 10pm. Oh dear again.

Amazon Delivery

The good news is that if you shop with Argos, you’ll have it same day if you order by 6pm in the evening and you’re allowed to live outside London – which is great news for, let’s face it, most of us. 

Worth noting that Argos run their entire delivery operation on Cognito iQ. Making sure that their deliveries are scheduled, dispatched and delivered on time, every time. Delighting thousands of customers every day.  


So Amazon, you’ve had a bash but frankly there’s still some way to go.
We’d love to help.  
Give us a call, we’ll show you how it’s done.

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