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Cognito iQ in top 50 undergraduate employers


In these difficult days, we’re glad to report on some more positive news. Our Industrial Placement (IP) scheme has once again made the finals of the National Undergraduate Employers awards, powered by Rate My Placement. We’ve made the list of the top medium-sized undergraduate placement employers seven years in a row, this year ranking 48th out of the more than 800 companies that put themselves forward.

The rankings are based entirely on the reports of our placement students. They confirm that Cognito iQ is a great place to work, that we take care of our students, and ensure they get value from their work experience.

The ranking is important to us as a company, as out of the 110 applicants we had this year, 96 came through Rate My Placement – as did all of the five to whom we offered placements.  Taking on placement students not only helps to train the engineers and developers of the future, but it also helps us to find great employees – we often have our IPs come back and join us in permanent roles when they have finished studying.

Here’s what some of our IP software engineers have said about the scheme:

“I have learnt a lot about the Agile methodology and what it is like to work in an office. I think the programming skills and people skills I have gained this year will really help me out in my final year and will give me a good start in pursuing a job after university.” 

“The company really pushed for all of the interns to do an AWS Certification, which I thought was a really good thing as they are highly valued in this sort of industry. I passed my certification near the end of my placement and was very much encouraged the whole time I was there. We were also given the opportunity to go to an AWS Conference, which was a great experience.” 

“Throughout the year I felt that my colleagues appreciated the work that I did and always valued any input I had into any conversations. This was also shown in performance reviews where praise was given but also ways to improve were suggested (along with goals for the next few months), which I found helpful.”  

This year’s IPs are not having quite the experience that they (or any of us) expected, but they are continuing to work with us, albeit from home. Some have stayed locally, others have returned to their parents’ homes for lockdown. We are doing our best to support them, using online communications, and they are just as much part of the company as they would be if they were in the office. Our IPs for next year are due to arrive in July, whether in person or virtually we can’t know as yet. Either way, IPs are a vital part of the Cognito iQ family, and we are looking forward to welcoming them.

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