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Cognito iQ and MACS EU launch Maximo Accelerator - an off-the-shelf CAFM Solution

Cognito iQ and MACS EU are delighted to announce the launch of their new solution, Maximo Accelerator.

Maximo Accelerator is an affordable, quick-start CAFM solution, which combines FM industry best practice with real-time mobile workforce management and analytics.

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The solution has been specifically designed to help FM service providers increase productivity and profitability, while keeping capital outlay and integration time to a minimum.

‘We’ve seen a gap in the market for a product which defines the best practice processes for FM service providers. Too often organisations fail because they try to automate existing manual processes; Maximo Accelerator makes it easy for leaders to identify the best route to the new world of automation’. Alex Brain, Operations Director, Macs EU

MACS EU selected Cognito iQ to provide the mobile workforce management piece because of their experience of supporting the UK’s leading FM service providers in the field.

‘The partnership between Cognito iQ and MACS EU is based on shared values. We both believe that the ‘change readiness’ of end users can be key to successful software deployments. This ethos is built into our respective methodologies and, coupled with strong technical capabilities, is the reason we both have a reputation for delivering successful solutions’. Georgie Barker, Channel Manager, Cognito iQ  

‘Not only does Cognito iQ enable real time communication with engineers in the field, our field analytics product (OPA) measures the performance of the service operation and its engineers. OPA is an easy-to-use tool. It enables FM service providers to visualise the impact of process changes and measure them in real terms. They can identify what’s working, what’s not and what impact the changes are having on other areas of the service operation’. Laurent Othacéhé, CEO, Cognito iQ

Maximo Accelerator is due to be launched at the IWFM Flagship Conference, 24th March 2020, St. Paul’s, London.


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