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Profile of Steve Beeson, VP of client services

How he views change, and why he’s not driving his tractor much these days.

Steve Beeson, who joined us in April 2018 as VP of client services, believes that change should be built in, not bolted on. “It’s important to bring people with you” he says. “You need to get people involved so they can understand why we are making the change, and enable them to drive the change themselves. It’s both the most satisfying and the most challenging part of the role”

Steve Beeson, VP client services

Steve sees his responsibilities at Cognito iQ as evenly split across three areas: customers, people and business, and he brings a wealth of experience to each. He started his career in the tech sector as a programme manager, building large infrastructure networks for customers. He moved from the technical side into a customer service role, followed by managing a team and then into a business management position. He has worked across the tech sector: telecoms, IT infrastructure, enterprise, networks and mobile, and most recently, analytics tools.

He joined Cognito iQ because he saw a chance to work with great people, an exciting technology opportunity and a stimulating challenge in helping the business to grow and achieve scale at low cost. His priority is to create the right structure for the Client Services organisation and to develop the management team that will work with him to make changes across the organisation. We can expect to see continuous improvements to our processes, to how we interact with customers and measure our performance, and to the quality of customer service we provide.

Steve says “No two days are alike, which is great. I might spend the day with a customer, listening to their challenges and working out how we can enhance the value we give them, or I might be conducting performance reviews with my team or looking at the numbers to see how we are performing as a business”

Customers may have already seen some changes. Steve has introduced a new programme of regular, structured service reviews, which give our customers an opportunity to feed back to us about our performance as well as their particular issues. He says “It’s our job to make sure we take that feedback and make a change. We want to be partners with our customers, rather than vendors or suppliers.”

He sees the immediate future of the field service sector as being in analytics. Many companies have volumes of data, but the key is in knowing what to extract and how to use it to drive change. Many companies have also experienced growth in recent years but haven’t had the skills, tools or resources to use data to grow efficiently, without adding costs. This is where Cognito iQ can add value from a consultancy perspective; our analysts understand field service businesses, and can investigate where a business is now and help them create plans to move forward.

A self-confessed petrolhead, he’d like to spend his spare time driving one of his classic cars (one of them is a vintage tractor) or organising charity events with like-minded friends, but he says he’s not had much spare time since he joined us. We’ve given him a goal of improving his work-life balance, so we hope he’ll be back at the wheel in no time. He’s made a great contribution to the company in a very short time, and we are looking forward to seeing how we all change and grow together over the coming months.

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