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Quality Management and Information Security Continue to be Critical to Cognito iQ


Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes when business is booming, it certainly didn’t feel as though six months had passed since our last interim ISO certification check-up with BSI, but calendars don’t lie and it was in fact that time again during July. We look forward to the BSI auditor visits as it not only gives us a chance to showcase the improvements we have implemented during the last six months but also gives us the opportunity to learn where further improvements can be made. 

Because we are certified to both ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management/ Business Process) and ISO27001:2013 (Information Security) we hosted two separate auditors to review the policies, processes and procedures that help us engage with our customers and ultimately keep their data safe within our products.

We are delighted to say that we continue to operate securely and within ISO guidelines with personal, employee and customer data. However, as always our focus remains on improving this further whilst conforming with GDPR regulations. 

Quality management and our business processes are undergoing a number of changes, not only so that we can continue to improve the service we offer our customers but also to further improve efficiency and understanding throughout the company. This audit was the last to be carried out solely against the ISO9001:2008 standard and we are making great progress toward the transition to ISO9001:2015, this will see the two ISO standards become more unified, where they can support each other and further strengthen the framework that underpins our business.

We look forward to our next visit in January 2018.

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