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Cognito iQ engages with external third-party experts for the independent assessment and verification of our platform by completing vulnerability scanning and penetration testing multiple times throughout the year.

The core system components and their performance is monitored and managed by us 24/7. Monitoring and alerting schemas are implemented to proactively alert us to any unexpected or abnormal system behaviour allowing us to proactively mitigate any service affecting issues before they arise.

We have integrated a suite of managed infrastructure and security monitors including, intrusion detection systems (IDS), vulnerability management tools, event management and incident response monitoring 24/7, etc.

We also have an established Business Continuity Process (BCP) which details the assessment of any risks and their resulting, implemented control measures. The scope of the BCP includes the contracted services provided to Customers as well as the administration and support of those services.

Our BCP plans are tested regularly, in line with our integrated, management systems (ISMS & QMS).

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