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Field Service East Review: Unicorns and nachos at Amelia Island



 The tan is fading, but the memories of Field Service East are still vivid. We sent two Davids and a Daryl to the beautiful Florida resort of Amelia Island, armed with some product demos, a slide deck and 100 squishy unicorns.

They were in great company; they joined with around 75 other vendor representatives from 30 companies, to exchange thoughts and ideas with more than 200 customers from a wide variety of industries. There was a packed programme of keynotes, workshops, panels, networking opportunities and parties. We might be biased, but we thought that our CTO David Bochenksi’s keynote stood out – and so did the delegates, according to the positive feedback he received. His ‘be more unicorn’ mantra, together with our squishy give-aways, helped open up some useful and interesting conversations.

Our US VP of Business Development, David Schulze, and our Principle Systems Designer, Daryl Dudey, talked to representatives from around 20 customer organisations, all of whom could see the clear benefits offered by our OPA solution, and who agreed that it was a unique tool in the marketplace. Most of the customer attendees were focused on service delivery, whether in B2B or B2C, and their main challenges were around improving productivity and reducing costs. There was also a lot of interest in leveraging Internet of Things data to identify issues before they are reported as well as resolving issues remotely, without sending an engineer. Consequently, one of the biggest themes of the event was how big data and continuous improvement are taking off in field service. These areas are right at the heart of what we deliver with Cognito iQ OPA, and we had many productive discussions about how we could deliver data quality and consistency across multiple data sources.

So, what did we take away from the event? We learnt that some of the most innovative developments in Field Service are in using augmented reality devices, that customers in the US are excited to hear about our products and services, that field service companies can take inspiration from how unicorn companies use data to drive continuous improvement, that there was a late night incident with some nachos, but no one is talking, and that we should have taken way more than 100 squishy unicorns.

See you next year, Amelia Island.


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