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The Advantages of Single Sign-on for Business (Clone)

A growing number of customers have begun to enhance their integration with us through utilisation of our single-sign-on functionality. This will empower customers to manage their own users, apply corporate password configuration, and provide the ability for users to reset their own passwords. We use the industry-standard SAML (Security Authentication Markup Language) data format to perform federated login. Integrating your own identity management systems with the Cognito iQ web portal is now convenient and even more secure. 


In the current security climate, restricting your company’s attack surface is increasingly important. Federated login using SAML ensures that there is a single point of authentication at a secure identity provider; your users’ credentials never leave your firewall boundary. This means that cloud-hosted applications, such as Cognito iQ, do not need to store or synchronise your user’s identities.  This, in turn, ensures that there are fewer places for identities to be breached or stolen.





SAML is an XML-based open-standard data format which is now widely used for the secure exchange of user information between your identity management system and the range of applications, such as the Cognito iQ web portal, that your users need to access on a regular basis.

Single sign-on using SAML is supported by the leading identity and access management products including:-

  • Active Directory (ADFS)
  • Oracle Identify Federation
  • OneLogin
  • Entrust GetAccess
  • Apero CAS

Ease of Integration

Integrating a new application with your own SAML-compliant identity provider is quick and straightforward. When you need to update your corporate password policy, there is no need to adjust this in each of your applications.

User Experience

A user-friendly login process improves user satisfaction. Simplifying login by using single-sign on helps to reduce password fatigue.  Making it quick and easy to log in increases your employee’s usage of applications and tools and helps you to ensure that security and compliance policies are adhered to.

SAML provides the ability for users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials entered once. Using SSO, users can seamlessly access multiple applications, allowing them to conduct business faster and more efficiently.

In Summary

Because of the considerable convenience it offers end users, SSO can potentially drive up usage of any service you provide to them through the Web. Chances of a security breach are reduced and management of IT systems simplified…and in today’s high risk world, who wouldn’t want that?

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